Welcome to the world of autofellatio! Hi there, I’m David Marky, and this site- Suck Solo is dedicated to autofellatio – aka self-sucking. I’m a passionate guy who loves to explore autofellatio.

I first became interested in this topic back in 2019, when it influenced me to do some deep research on this topic. After conducting a lot of research, I eventually decided to start this website to help autofellator (one who sucks their own penis).

With time I have conducted many surveys and interviews anonymously to check and find what others think about this. Interviews helped me to understand how a successful autofellator gets successful in it. What do they think and feel about this?

I came to know that they take it as a masturbation technique with some extra pleasure and advancement. Many animals do it regularly on daily basis like cats and dogs. But in our society, it is not acceptable because not everyone can do it. And so they start judging it.

So, Who Am I?

who am I

I am just a regular guy with a regular life like you. I get up, freshen up, get ready for work and spend my day with it. And at night with slow music have my dinner and get to bed. Just a normal regular life.

Wait, but why am I telling you this all?

Because I want to clarify to you that I am not some special person. I don’t have any degree in Autofellatio, So, don’t take me as an expert in it. And don’t think there would be any degree about it.

I am an Autofellatio enthusiast who has spent a hell lot of time with this topic. And I think I am one of the people on this earth who knows almost every aspect of it.

I got even more excited about this topic when I came to know that I am not the only one who takes this topic so seriously. There are a lot of people in this world who love self-sucking. So, I started gathering information about this like crazy.

And in the end, I think Autofellatio is a special power. It is a skill that gives you an extra edge over others to please yourself. As anybody can masturbate and they love it too. It is something you will love more than regular masturbation, but not everybody can do it.

Because it takes serious dedication to achieve this skill.

Why I Started SuckSolo?

No doubt Autofellatio is a great skill, and some people are born with this. Only 4-5 people out of a thousand are naturally able to perform it. They are born with this ability.

When I was taking surveys, I came to know that there are many people who want to perform self-sucking but they can’t. And so they gave thinking that this is not for everyone. But that is not the truth.

At, that time I also met some people who were not able to do it at the start. But, with some practice, they have achieved it. And now, they can do it whenever they want with ease. This thing blew my mind.

And so, I started researching even deep about this. And I came to the conclusion that, Yes, this is a skill. And just like other skills, It can be achieved with practice and proper guidance.

So, this is why I started SuckSolo to help those who want to do it but can’t. I started sharing my knowledge on this website to help those who love to please themself. And want to add this weapon to their pleasing skills list.

SuckSolo contains almost every little information you need to achieve the skill. You just have to practice it with caution. But, if you do it in an improper way then it can be risky. Because self-sucking requires a lot of flexibility in your body.

So, if you are doing it, do it at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage. I am just sharing the knowledge at my best. The rest is all up to you.

Final Words

My experience was great with this, and I want everyone to experience it once.

If you are on our website, then I will suggest you should browse a little. This will give you an idea of how broad and rich this topic is. To experience and lead autofellatio, we will get physically fit and will be the best version of ourselves. Because an unhealthy person can never perform it. So, whether you make it or not but it will for sure, add some extra value to your life.

So, with this, I wish you a happy Autofallatio journey…
Please yourself like you have never before.