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Autofellatio Hub for Self-Suck lovers is a hub for self-sucking lovers. A place gathered with every required information to perform autofellatio. If you are someone who is curious about this self-pleasing skill then this is the place for you.

Here you will get tips, critical information, step-by-step instructions, and so on. Autofellatio is a skill, and through this website, we help you to achieve that…

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What You Get Here?

There are so many blogs on this website that help you with your self-suck journey. But if you categorize them then I will say we have three types of articles to serve you. Below are these with some of the linked posts.

How To Posts

These are the type of posts that help you with the process. How you can do anything while in your autofellatio journey. These are the key concepts for your success.

  1. How to self suck your own dick?
  2. How to make the body flexible for Autofellatio?
  3. How to increase penis size for Autofellatio?


These are the articles that give you some very important information regarding self-sucking. This information will not help you with the process but you should be aware of these.

  1. Does self-sucking make you gay?
  2. Are you still a virgin after self-sucking?
  3. The weird history of Autofellatio.


While in your autofellatio journey, you will require some tools or suggestions that can change the whole game. These are those posts where we give you our best true suggestions for your help.

  1. Best sex toys for Autofellatio.
  2. Best books of Autofellatio.
  3. Best movies for Autofellatio.

SuckSolo Guide (S2 Guide)

S2 Guide is a complete package with every little piece of information packed in a systematic way to help you with your self-sucking journey.

SuckSolo Guide is a complete Autofellatio guide for self-sucking enthusiasts. Whether you want to perform it or are just curious about this topic, It is the resource you need.

This book is intended to provide you with everything you can think about autofellatio. In short, it is a bible of Autofellatio.

It has covered tips to fulfill your self-sucking requirements, suggestions to help you in your journey, a detailed history of Autofellatio risks to be careful about, and much more information…

So, if this seems interesting, take your decision below…

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